WATER & LAND | Bonnie Meltzer

March 2, 2023 - March 29, 2023

This exhibition celebrates water and its connection to the land. The visual impact of dams, wind turbines and high voltage power lines in the Columbia River landscape expand the theme of water to include electricity

The newest piece in the exhibition is a portrait of a section of the Columbia River in far Eastern Oregon. It shows the sparkling river surrounded by exquisite but dry landscape with large circles of irrigated crops whose water comes from the river. Originally made as one section of Maryhill Museum’s 66’ long installation, Exquisite Gorge 2022; my portion has been redesigned to hang on a wall instead of the wooden armature provided by the museum. The wind turbines and the high voltage power line components became two separate new artworks. Other sculptures in this exhibition about water reference farming, particulate matter, and rain

The materials used to make the sculptural artworks are common, just not that common for artworks. Crocheted electronics wire, fishing line and audio tape are embellished with found objects —electrical cords, weaving tools, toys, computer parts, hardware bits pretending to be beads, and sometimes paint, fabric and real yarnBonnie Meltzer’s art-making, activism, community building, and gardening are linked together like crochet; one thread looping with itself creating an interlocking life and art. Born in New Jersey, Meltzer moved to get an MFA at the University of Washington. There, she found her medium, her social commentary voice, and installation as a format. Throughout her career she has used textile techniques and found objects to make social commentary that engages the viewer with beauty and humor, even if about serious subjects. Meltzer has exhibited widely; most recently at The Oregon Jewish Museum, Maryhill Museum, Tamastslikt Cultural Institute and Lewis and Clark College. Her work is in private and public collections; Multnomah County, The University of Washington, Baylor University, and the National Science Foundation, for example. Many books and numerous articles highlight her work. The recent books “The Fine Art of Crochet” and “Artistry in Fiber: Sculpture” have Meltzer’s work on the covers.




March 2, 2023 - March 29, 2023

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