threads of change | Aradhita Parasrampuria

Oct 12, 2023 - Oct 30, 2023

This new collection is composed of textured silk charmeuse textiles from Andrea Aranow’s collection, dyed with water-conscious microbial dyes.

As a materials researcher, Parasrampuria explores sustainable non-toxic systems of color. She focuses on the creative potential of microbial pigments, investigating how these living color systems can solve the global reliance on petroleum-based color and dye systems. In addition to using hundreds of times less water than conventional methods, microbe-based dyes create new possibilities for interactive and vivid textiles. Also on display by Parasrampuria is a series of wearable art pieces made from her line of bio-embellishments.

This project aims to create an interactive, biodegradable alternative to conventional embellishments which are a significant contributor to microplastic pollution. Parasrampuria, uses algae-based beads that are dyed using microbial pigments, green fluorescent protein, and regenerative and carbon-negative materials such as eggshells, charcoal, and cellulose. A wide variety of embellishment options are demonstrated, differing in shape, feel, iridescence, and opacity, as well as exhibiting unique properties such as bioluminescence and color transformations.

Aradhita Parasrampuria is a materials designer originally from India, based in New York. Parasrampuria combines synthetic biology with fashion to create sustainable, scalable textiles to replace toxic petroleum-based materials. She works primarily with raw materials such as Microalgae, Escherichia coli, and Cellulose.
Parasrampuria received recognition on Indian Forbes 30 under 30 2023 list in the climate change category. She has also been awarded the Swarovski Foundation’s “Creatives For Our Future” grant and the Aronson Fellowship from Tishman Environment and Design Center. Her work has been showcased in prominent events and publications such as United Nations, COP27, Vogue, L’officiel Brazil, CFDA, Dezeen, No-Kill Magazine, New York Design Week, and Portland Textile Month.

Oct 12, 2023 - Oct 30, 2023

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